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You hold such a powerful and profound sacred space for these gatherings. Thank you so very much for offering this wonderful experience” — Honey L.

The labyrinth has been a gift. Connecting me to a deeper connection to community. The energy of this land is sacred. Thank you for the space as I continue to DREAM” — Anonymous

My husband and I have celebrated several of life’s moments at the Peaceful Spirit Center, from our wedding day, our oldest daughter’s dedication, to the passing of loved ones. We look forward to many more memorable moments at the Center especially as we just welcomed another little girl into the world.— Krista K.

Melanie makes a custom blend of flower essence for our 7 year old son who has been diagnosed on the low end of the autism spectrum to help keep him calm and to deal with everyday situations that are overwhelming to him. When he’s having a rough day we tell him to go take some of his “magic water” and he comes back calmer and more willing to complete tasks even if he still doesn’t want to or understand why. — K. Kubehl

I have been drinking your tea NON STOP for over 2 weeks and I DO think that it has been instrumental in keeping me healthy while I see everyone else get sick around me. Can you please bring a couple more bags for me?— M. Meyers

“I’m still on a high and noticing all kinds of “signs” that my Quest work is in progress! Yes, it was indeed Magical! Thank You so much for holding sacred place for all of us to connect on such a deep level with each other. ” — Jeannie C.

Thank you Melanie for all your help through this most challenging time in my life. Your wisdom, kindness and knowledge have been most appreciated. I have a long way to go through this particular challenge and I am so glad to know you will be here to help me. — Theresa H.

We have everything in our house from healing salve for minor cuts and scrapes to bug bites, which our 2 year old daughter is very allergic, to Dragon Balm for sore muscles. We’ve also discovered that Dragon Balm works wonders on growing pains while leaving a nice calming aroma. The throat syrup Melanie makes is by far one of my favorite items. It is safe enough for our 2 year old to take and doesn’t get our 7 year old even more hyped up than he usually is and there are no side effects. — K. Fleming

Melanie I want to let you know how much my sessions with you have meant to me. They truly helped me to keep my sanity during an extremely difficult time in my life. Thank you for your generous healing. — S. Swenson

I am so grateful for your healing massages to help me stay strong and able to meet the demands of my job. Our weekly sessions are both revitalizing and relaxing. — S. Davis

The unexpected benefit of my work with Melanie is access to easing my pain. Through ongoing, consistent healing practice many of my questions are being answered in ways I could never have imagined. And it truly began when I let go of believing I knew all the answers and understood that Melanie’s breadth of knowledge was exactly what I needed to help me on this journey I am on. — M. Chilese