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Self Care in the New Year

Are you one of the many people that has used the turn of the calendar year as a time to focus on self care? Maybe you are doing a cleanse or adding a new exercise routine. Maybe you are making a conscious effort to eat right and give up some bad habits.

This time of year many people are undertaking some form of cleansing, either in the food they eat or their physical surroundings. If you have decided to do a diet cleanse it is important to support the functioning of your liver. The intention of a cleanse is to rid the body of toxins. If you are going to cleanse the body make sure the liver is prepared to handle the additional load.

Dandelion Happy FaceA simple tea of Dandelion can support the liver and aid in elimination. Pour one cup boiling water over a tablespoon of Dandelion leaf, cover and let steep for 15 minutes. Strain out leaves and drink the tea. Enjoy 2 -3 cups a day as part of your self care.

Cleansing or not, it is always important to support your liver and digestive system. A single dose of Digestive Bitters before a meal can improve the digestion of fats and increase assimilation of nutrients. The benefits of bitters extend beyond digestion. Bitters increase the tone of the autonomic nervous system and help reduce anxiety and overall stress.

Whatever path you have chosen for the new year, herbs can help you reach your goal. Herbs can help you with the physical, as well as emotional adjustments that come with any new lifestyle.

Always check with your natural health professional before starting any cleanse program.