Soundwave Table

Sound Healing Now Available at Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center

Soundtable Outside WebThe soundwave table is a combined sound healing instrument and treatment table with a 40 string monochord on one side and a tongue drum on the other side. Lovingly handcrafted right here at the Peaceful Spirit Center by the talented Tom Dunlap, each step of its creation was infused with spiritual connection and healing intention.

Holistic medicine believes that disease, at its core, is a misalignment of energies, that our cells, muscles and organs store blocked energy and this manifests as disease. Recent scientific studies have proven the benefits of sound therapy as a vital part of the healing process for illnesses such as cancer, depression, fibromyalgia and PTSD just to name a few.

Sound healing is a type of energy medicine that uses harmonic vibrations to reduce stress, manage pain, increase immunity and create the deep sense of peace and well-being needed for healing. The soundwave table directly accesses the cellular memory needed to release blocked energy and bring the body back into alignment on a cellular level.

To receive a treatment you recline onto the curved surface of the soundwave table, allowing you to hear as well as feel the angelic vibrations from the monochord strings and the grounding heartbeat created by the tongue drum. The soundwave table becomes a channel of sound and vibration that realigns your physical, emotional and spiritual energies bringing you into perfect harmony.

After sessions clients experience a deep sense of peace, clarity and vitality. Many report out of body experiences while staying deeply rooted within, a reduction in pain and the ability to sleep soundly – many feel the effects of treatment for several days.

Now you can experience this one of a kind healing experience for yourself at the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center! Available in 30 minute or 60 minute appointments.

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