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No More Mid Day Slump!

Your digestive system is the key to overall health. Even people with the healthiest dietary habits may not be getting all the nutrients they need because they are missing the enzymes that break down the food.Fruit Face Pic Polaroid

Everything your body needs comes from what you eat, that puts a high priority on digestion. Other systems, like immunity and energy, have to step up when the digestive system is struggling. That is why when you don’t eat properly you get sick or suffer from low energy; your body has reassigned its resources!

Enzymes are what the body naturally uses to digest the food you eat. You get enzymes in two ways, from the foods you eat and by your body making them. There is a good chance you are not getting enough enzymes from either source.

When we cook food we kill the enzymes. That’s right, anything cooked over 118 degrees destroys the enzymes needed to digest it! And, as we age our body’s ability to produce enzymes diminishes.

Having been gluten free for over 6 years I thought my digestion was on the right track. I avoid any wheat products, eat my veggies, buy organic whenever I can and drink water until I slosh. But like anyone else I had little issues. A few months ago I started taking digestive enzymes and what a difference! I don’t experience gas or bloating after I eat and I have more energy throughout the day. No more mid day slump!

I was so impressed at how they worked on me that I started offering digestive enzymes from Allegany Nutrition to my clients. Designed to work in a wide pH range, gluten free and plant based made the decision an easy one for me. If you have questions about your digestion and using enzymes contact me Melanie@PeacefulSpiritCenter.com for a FREE 20 minute strategy session.