We Survived the Flood!

Water WebThank you to everyone for the phone calls, emails, texts and facebook messages yesterday checking on us here at the Center! You love, concern and support was very touching.

We received over 4″ of rain by the time it was all over! The washes were raging like we have never seen them. We have had minimal damage, lots of debris down, rocks undercut and rearranged on the Labyrinth, flooding in the garden and lots of ditches dug by the water run-off. The fairy garden looks a little worse for wear but no fairies were harmed. The walking paths around the grounds are all washed away but considering all the damage around New River we consider ourselves very lucky.

Cactus Down WebI won’t lie…we may need your help to fix things up. A large portion of the sand on the Labyrinth was washed away and it is hard work to haul it back. We have lots of downed limbs and tree damage that needs tending and the paths will have to be rebuilt. If you want to help we will be scheduling a volunteer day where you can pitch in. We have to get the place back into shape so we can gather for the AZ Goddess Conference!

Again thank you for all your support. I know your thoughts and prayers combined to protect us from harm.

Many of you have asked how you can help right now. We are open for business so book a healing session, attend an event or purchase some products. Your continued support is what keeps us here! Thank you!

Blessed be,
Melanie, Tom & Lisa

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